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Ampeli 2Santorini is an important wine making center, with lots of wineries that export wine around the globe. Even a casual day trip could be combined with a visit to your destination’s nearest winery.

Art Space

It’s located in Exo Gonia and it uses the vertical vinification process without the use of pumps to produce the sweet, red Vinsanto and the dry, white Nychteri, Saint August and Saint August Barrel. Also, inside its 1861 old winery building you can view an interesting exhibition of modern sculptures and paintings.

Chatzidakis Winery

A small, quaint, traditional caved winery founded in 1997 in Pyrgos with unique flavors such as the white varieties of Aidani, Santorini Cuvée No 15, Assyrtiko de Mylos and Nychteri, the red Mavrotragano and the sweet Vinsanto and Voudomato.

Gavalas Winery

One of the oldest wineries in Megalochori. This is where rare varieties such as the Katsano and the Gaidouria were first produced and its traditional canava is every wine lover’s challenge.

Canava Roussos

Founded in 1836, it’s the oldest winery in Santorini and it’s located in Mesa Gonia. The old canava operates as a reception and wine tasting area, as well as a wine making space that uses traditional techniques and the original facilities, whereas the new canava combines tradition with modern technology to produce the new wine generation. Its varieties include the white Athiri, Nychteri, Santorini 2003 and Vinsanto, as well as the red Mavrathiro, Nama and Caldera and the pink Rivari.

Article by John Makrynoris

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