The Captains’ Manors

The Captains' Manors

The Captains’ Manors

The captains’ manors, as the word itself states, are the houses that belonged to the captains and merchant boat owners as well as the wealthy medieval families of Santorini. You may come across them in Oia, Pyrgos, Fira and Mesaria. Their architecture was majestic; imposing, two-storey buildings constructed completely with red and black stone from the island with high ceilings and great history, since their luxurious living rooms were filled with numerous treasures and antiques that their rich merchant owners used to bring home from their distant travels. The ground floor is where the bedrooms and the kitchen were as well as the kanava, the cool, dark room in the back where the wine was produced and stored. The living room was on the top floor, decorated with expensive furniture and ornate items. Although most of those houses were destroyed during an earthquake in 1965, the locals have been trying to reconstruct them for business utilization.

Article by John Makrynoris

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