Santorini… The Lost Atlantis?

Santorini the lost atlantis


A great mystery that still remains unsolved for researchers all over the world is finding the location of the legendary island of Atlantis. According to Plato, a flourishing civilization of divine descent once existed on an island outside the Pillars of Hercules (today’s Gibraltar), under the dominion of Poseidon who split it and shared it among the demigod sons he had with his beloved mortal Kleeto. His eldest son, Atlas, became the first king of the island that was also named after him. After the Atlanteans fell into mortal weaknesses and started losing their divine power, they turned against other civilizations in order to conquer them, therefore they traveled to the Mediterranean Sea and fought the Athenians, losing a battle before conquering them. Infuriated by that, the gods destroyed the Atlanteans in one night, in a mayhem of mud and smoke. Plato connects the destruction of Atlantis with Santorini and the great Minoan volcanic eruption that devastated the island. He describes Atlantis as a round island in the center of which stood the palace of Kleeto on top of a hill, surrounded by ring zones of land and sea that Poseidon created within the island itself. According to volcanologists. this was how ancient Thira was shaped before the eruption whereas a famous mural that was discovered on the west section of Akrotiri also agrees with that argument, as it depicts the same ring structure of earth and water as Thira. Moreover, the recorded historical dates of the destruction of Atlantis match the years of the great volcanic eruption. Of course, all those are mere assumptions since there are a lot of unanswered questions to the mystery of Atlantis, although many of Santorini’s residents believe in all that and they even name their hotels and shops accordingly. Could this enchanting land where you are spending your summer holidays also hide a massive secret…?

Aricle by Andromahi Tsaka Abatzi

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