Opera Chaotique and Nina Lotsari

Opera Chaotique

Opera Chaotique

The curtain of this year’s “Efaistea” falls tonight, in a subversive yet brilliant way! With the popular performer Nina Lotsari and the Opera Chaotique, the alchemists of surreal cabaret, in a concert that will take us to a music voyage to the biggest and most famous ports around the world. Nina Lotsari, having studied classical music and singing has also been influenced by contemporary music. She disposes of a highly successful career in operas, cabaret shows musicals, concerts as she combines perfectly, great voice and impeccable presence on stage. The explosive and popular, in Greece and abroad, Opera Chaotique were created when two musicians decided to turn their backs to the “respectable” music they served faithfully for years and to mix different and conflicting musical ingredients. A shamelessly entertaining concert! At 21:00 at the Cathedral of Fira. Admission is free.

Article by Andromahi Tsaka Abatzi

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