Motimaru Dance Company

Lena This evening as well, September 4th, at S.A.F., at Vlyhada, we will have the pleasure of enjoying “Motimaru”, an internationally renowned Butoh dance group. The group was founded in Tokyo and it is based in Berlin. The dancers, who are considered to be pioneers of experimentation in their field, are informing their fans that they are very happy to share their dance vision on S.A.F.’s stage, one of the most beautiful and inspiring venues. So, tonight, they will present their new version of “Twilight” with new original music composed by violinist Hoshiko Yamane. On the welcoming scene of S.A.F., the two dancers will experiment with the boundaries of ego as this is gradually fading and another ecumenical landscape emerges. Eventually we are all one: Me and you, people and animals, life and death.

Starting at 21:30. Ticket price: 12 euros. Phone: + 30 22860 85141.

Article by Andromahi Tsaka Abatzi

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