Extreme Sports In Santorini

Kitesurfing at Monolithos

Kitesurfing at Monolithos

If you are fans of adventure and sports and you like pushing yourselves to the edge and exceeding your limits, the island of Santorini can give you the chance to raise your adrenalin levels by testing your stamina with several extreme sports.

The caldera region may not be very appropriate due to the dicey volcanic rocks, but on the east side of the island, there are organized climbing areas on the tall, rocky walls of the limestone mountain that can be a real challenge for fans. Perivolos provides limestone of fine quality whereas at the ends of the beach in Perissa, there are rocks that are often preferred for climbing, especially during the morning when they’re in the shade.

Sea kayaking is another relevant activity that you can choose, since organized daily excursions help tourists enjoy the unique beauty of the coastline, with a view to the black&red volcanic rocks of the island. The necessary equipment is provided by the trip organizers. There are also a lot of diving centres in Santorini, that can teach you the techniques of scuba-diving and will reveal to you the secrets and the beauty of the sea bottom, at over 30 diving locations.

The magic sea deep is quite impressive, especially around the volcanic islands of Palea and Nea Kammeni. In Monolithos, you can have the opportunity for one more unique experience, by horseback riding right by the waves along the sandy beach, whereas in Karterados you can try windsurfing or kitesurfing.

Also, areas such as Perivolos, Vlychada, the Red and White Beach, Mesa Pigadia, Mavro Vouno (Black Mountain) and the region around the volcano, are offered for exciting speed rides on a jet ski, tearing the crystal clear waters.

Article by John Makrynoris

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