A Boat Trip To Anafi

SailingAbout 12 miles away from Santorini lies the neighbor Anafi, a small island that makes a great destination for a boat trip. Greek mythology legend has it that as the Argonauts returned to Iolkos with the Golden Fleece, they found themselves lost at sea in the dark and asked for god Apollo’s help so he showed them an island where they found safe harbor. In his honor, the mariners built there the temple of Apollo Aiglitis (aigli=glow), giving the island that “anefani” (showed out of nowhere) the name Anafi. Byzantine and Venetian influences are evident here since Anafi has been consecutively conquered by both of those nations. The only settlement on the island that is populated all the time is Hora, which is densely built on the ruins of a 13th century Venetian castle and lies amphitheatrically over the port whereas the majestic rock of Kalamos stands out with the monastery of Zoodochos Pigi built where the ancient temple of Apollo once stood as well as the beautiful church of Panayia Kalamiotissa. One color prevails in Hora since the quaint, domed houses are painted all white, just like the churches that are attached to the settlement with their bell towers basically standing out whereas flowery yards and narrow alleys with white-washed stairs complete the typical Cycladic scenery. Among the sights of the area is the Venetian Castle that was once used as an observation tower as well as the windmills standing on the hill slopes. Anafi is full of archaeological sites and numerous churches and it also provides great hiking routes with many trails that lead through the wild beauty of the land. A boat trip around the island offers the opportunity to discover gorgeous golden beaches with crystal clear emerald waters, thin sand and pebbles, many of which are also preferred by nudists. So, plan an excursion to this destination near Santorini now as you will definitely not regret it!

Article by John Makrynoris

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