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Santorini Biennale 2016

The 3rd International Biennale of Modern and Contemporary Art of Santorini will be launched tonight at 20:00, at the Imerovigli Cultural Center (50 meters from the Maltesa Church) with a rich artistic program, including dancing, theatrical and music performances. There, we will try to solve the mystery of Alice. Who is she? Where is Wonderland? What is the […]
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Imerovigli, The Balcony Of Santorini

At the highest spot of the caldera about 3 km out of Fira, lies Imerovigli, an enchanting destination that is also one of the best known holiday resorts in Santorini. You can use the asphalt road to drive here or walk the old trail that joins Imerovigli with the areas of Firostefani and Fira. This […]
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A Boat Trip To Anafi

About 12 miles away from Santorini lies the neighbor Anafi, a small island that makes a great destination for a boat trip. Greek mythology legend has it that as the Argonauts returned to Iolkos with the Golden Fleece, they found themselves lost at sea in the dark and asked for god Apollo’s help so he […]
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The Houses Of Santorini

A distinct feature of Santorini is its traditional architecture that varies featuring an unusual freedom of expression, since different building types are found depending on the area. The island’s terrain peculiarity allows the existence of caved houses with land being cultivated over them or others hanging over the cliffs of the caldera, usually built so […]
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Extreme Sports In Santorini

If you are fans of adventure and sports and you like pushing yourselves to the edge and exceeding your limits, the island of Santorini can give you the chance to raise your adrenalin levels by testing your stamina with several extreme sports. The caldera region may not be very appropriate due to the dicey volcanic […]
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Prickly Pears Of Santorini

In Santorini, grows one more type of fruit that is special and very nutritious, the prickly pears. Its unique form requires caution while collecting and cleaning it, since it has a prickly cortex that covers the fruit’s edible flesh. It’s one of few plants of which the fruit but also the flowers as well as the whole […]
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Wine Tours

Santorini is an important wine making center, with lots of wineries that export wine around the globe. Even a casual day trip could be combined with a visit to your destination’s nearest winery. Art Space It’s located in Exo Gonia and it uses the vertical vinification process without the use of pumps to produce the […]
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Night life in Fira

Night life in Fira Santorini is certainly a destination that offers a lot of great activities for the people who wish to know more about the place they visit. As attractive as it is during the day, after the sun goes down the island sparks up the night elevating the fun, as expected especially at […]
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